My parents, the pope, and more Italy pilgrimages

My parents are visiting, they met the pope, and I have two more Italy pilgrimages for you.

My parents are in Rome!!!

I went 457 days without seeing them. I am an only child and have the only grandchildren. It was a tough pandemic being so far apart for so long.

But they jumped on one of the first COVID-tested flights for tourists, got to Rome on Monday, and have been enjoying a relatively quiet city ever since.

My parents joined me for a hilarious Tipsy Tuesday where it was revealed that I once shot my dad.

I also took my parents to the Papal Audience, which is back and better than ever. My dad was able to meet and speak with Pope Francis and give him a copy of his album, The Holy Land Project.

For those looking to travel soon

The Atlanta airport wasn’t quite sure what to do with my parents, since not all the Delta employees knew Italy was open for tourism. But the Rome airport was very organized and super excited to welcome people back to Italy. The arrival process was simple and quick. A rapid test, then passport control, and that’s it. No tricky questions, no “vaccination passport.”

Italy is one of the few countries not requiring a vaccine to enter. In fact, your vaccination status means absolutely nothing here, as everyone visiting is required to pass three COVID tests. A PCR 72 hours before the flight, a rapid before departure, and a rapid on arrival in Rome.

Everything here is open. I’m starting to hear more and more English, see people on tours, and even see lines!

Upcoming Pilgrimages

The First Post-Pandemic Pilgrimage to Italy sold out in a few days, so I’m announcing now two additional pilgrimages. One in the summer and one in the fall.

Always with small groups for 2021, just 14 people. Daily Mass in some of the most amazing chapels in Italy. We stay in family-run accommodations. We have meals (and unlimited wine) in my favorite restaurants — never hotels. A winery visit. Lunch on an Umbrian farm. All with the industry’s most generous cancellation policy.

In August, Summer and Snow in Rome.

In October, All Saints and All Souls in Rome.

Tourism in Italy will be more established by August and October, so if you were a little uneasy about being the first, well now is your chance to be second or third. 😉

If neither of these trips work for you, I’ll have more dates very soon.

Thanks so much for being here!