Now Traveling: The Catholic Traveler Podcast Pilgrimage

There’s been a lot of talk about travel over the last few weeks. Rumors of another European lockdown. More restrictions for Americans visiting Europe. Mandatory quarantine.

As is often the case, the media is doing a great job making it sound way worse than it really is.

It doesn’t help that depending on where you look, even on official Italian health sites, you’ll get conflicting info.

Over the last few days I’ve known several American groups who arrived, and there have been no issues at all. No one was refused boarding, no one was asked to quarantine, no one was turned away.

Two things that are now different, everyone must have a negative test to travel, regardless of vaccination status, and the unvaccinated need to have a current negative test to visit museums, sit inside restaurants (no rules for outside), and take trains between cities.

Getting a test here in Italy is nothing like the stories I’ve heard from people back home. A rapid test here, which is all anyone needs, is around €20, no appointments are needed, and most people are in and out in under ten minutes. We also have testing available on just about every block, so there’s never a wait. Sure, it’s a hassle to schedule this in, but it’s a ten minute hassle, not a two hour hassle.

What is travel like right now?

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